A Wealthy New Year 2016

Call for Presenters

For the 3rd consecutive year, I will be hosting a live webcast at the end of the year.

The first question people ask is "Why December 30th?"

There are 2 great reasons for picking this date. First, this week is a little-known gem for marketing and reaching prospects.  Christmas is done and many people are off work, or if they are working, they are probably doing very little in the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, so what better time to offer them something of value to watch!

The second reason for picking this date is that people staring down the barrel of a brand new year filled with hope and expectations about what the next year will bring.

What better time to be there offering them valuable advice on how to make the most of the coming year!

Maybe it's just me, but I absolutely love that time of year and nothing makes me happier than being able to share my passion with others. In fact, I've been hosting New Year's Eve training programs for more than 15 years in one form or another!

One thing you should know about me right now: I never do the same thing twice!

Yes, last year's event was great fun! I truly enjoyed interviewing my guests and being live for a full 8 hours. I was actually more energized at the end of the event than I was when it began!

Have a look at some of the pages for this event:

Enrollment Landing Page: Click Here

The Speakers: Click Here

Live Stream Page: Click Here

About The 2015 Year-End Event

So what do I have planned for this year?

How will it be different?

How will it be even better than last year?

This year's event will again be a live streamed event from my studio in Carlsbad, CA. But that is where the similarities end!

This year, I'm going to have my guests take the stage and deliver their content directly to the audience!

We'll take questions via Twitter. Presenters CAN use Power-Point presentations and they will be able to make an offer to the audience at the conclusion of their presentation.

This year, I will act as the MC of the event and I'll introduce our guest presenters, then I'll get off the stage and let them rock!

Now, presentations will be set to go about 30-45 minutes, which in live stream talk, is a long time. Remember, the viewer will be looking at the presenter, maybe some power point slides, and possibly a shot or two of the studio audience (which will be made up of our presenters - no "public" audience will fit in the studio this year).

I believe this format will give our viewers a better chance to get to hear from our guest presenters and build a closer relationship with them as well.

I have invested in new cameras, a large screen TV to display Power-Point slides on stage and much, much more. (If you really want to know the details, just ask, but be forewarned, I love talking tech!)


This Year's Theme

Last year, the event was called "The 2015 Profit Conference" and that was a continuation of the year prior's "2014 Profit Conference."

This year, I'd like to give this a fresh look and feel. In doing my research on New Year's Resolutions, by far the most common resolution people make at the end of the year is to make MORE MONEY, which is not hard to believe.

So this year's event will be themed "A Wealthy New Year!"

With that said, I'll be looking for guests who can share their thoughts on how to create wealth in the New Year.

I'm not looking for just business/marketing topics, I want to go beyond that this year.

For instance, my topic will be about improving your emotional relationship to money, which I believe to be one of the biggest reasons why people struggle with money issues.

So let's open the discussion on the topic of wealth and reach out to our business-owner/entrepreneurial community with information they can use to fill their bank accounts in 2016 and beyond!

How to be Part of This Live Event

If you've read this far and feel like you'd love to be on my "virtual" stage, then keep reading because this is how you can come and "play" with us on December 30th 2015!

  1. Your Topic: You must be talk about creating wealth. Period. The angle or approach is up to you, but the theme of this conference is wealth creation, so your topic must be in alignment with that.
  2. You are Present in Studio: You can't "call this in!" You'll need to be in my studio on December 30th to be part of this event.
  3. You Arrive Prepared: When you arrive, I'll expect that you can walk up on stage and deliver  a passionate, information-packed presentation. Since you will be part of our studio audience, it would be very respectful of the other presenters that you sit back and enjoy their presentations and not be working to touch-up your Power-Point slides before it's your turn!
  4. You Have Something to Offer: Last year, this was optional, but this year, it would be better if you had some additional training, coaching, DVD's, cassette tapes, or heck even 8-tracks to offer! OK, so maybe no 8-track tapes...  I believe that we do our audience a great disservice if we don't offer them the next logical step because there is no way any of us will teach them all there is to know inside of 45 minutes!
  5. You are Willing to Share the Spoils: Yes, the "house" will get in on the action, but not as much as "others" may ask for. We will work with a 70-30 split of all revenues generated from this event. (That's 70% for you, 30% for the house).
  6. You enjoy having FUN! I can be very serious most of the time, but for this event I'd like to have fun, so come with a bright smile and let's network, enjoy some eggnog and champagne together as we get ready to ring in the New Year!

How the Event will be Promoted

While it would be great if you'd invite your tribe to view this event (the event will be free to watch, but will require enrollment) it's not required.

Instead, we'll be promoting the event and you can participate in the promotional efforts with an optional financial contribution of $150 or more. When you do, we'll make sure the promotional efforts that will occur with your contribution specifically promote YOU as a featured presenter.

This how I see this working. Instead of a generic ad promoting a multi-speaker event, we'll run ads with a single presenter and their message.

So for me, an ad might say "Everything you've been taught about money is dead wrong! Come find out how to master the money game!" It would have my photo and a link to the event registration page.

The idea here is that we'll accomplish both some branding of you and your message as well as building an audience of people who may not yet have met you.

Also, after the event, I'll be sending out solo e-mail messages to everybody who registered inviting them to watch each of our presentations individually. This will get us more views to each presentation.

Again, if you prefer not to play in the promotional part of this, that is fine too. For my part, I will be investing $1,000 in advertising for my presentation and will be working with an expert at Facebook advertising to get this done.

If we all played at this, we'd be able to build a really nice size live viewing audience, which would in turn benefit us all. Consider it.

Want In? Here's How

Go ahead.. Tell me why you deserve to be on stage for this event! Tell me what you can deliver that will fit with our theme of having a wealthy new year! I'll be meeting with my associates and together we'll pick the best 8 presenters for this event.

Send a short proposal of your topic and information on what you'll be offering to our audience. And please confirm that you will be able to be IN STUDIO in Carlsbad, CA on December 30th.

You can reach me by e-mail: robert@ultimatewealth.com

You can Skype me: media@ultimatewealth.com

You can call me on the phone: 1-760-689-2877

Or you could send smoke signals, but I doubt I'd ever see them... so pick one of the methods above instead!

I'm waiting to hear from you...

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale

About Your Host

In 1995, Robert started calling himself a “Business Coach.” Now, at that time, that was not something people had heard of, so it raised a lot of eyebrows! No stranger to the world of marketing, Robert was already years ahead of the crowd in the Internet marketing arena and was, in fact, one of the very first “Internet Marketers.”

His combined passion for marketing, personal development, and technology put him a class all by himself. After all, who else could you turn to that could help you discover your passion AND help you turn it into a booming online business at the same time!

Robert’s seminars, training programs, and webcasts have always been a complimentary mix of personal development, marketing, human psychology, and technical savvy. He is unique in his understanding of what causes people to really want to buy and he has helped his clients earn hundreds of millions of dollars in profits based on his expert guidance.

Robert is a powerful speaker, seminar leader, business strategy expert, marketing expert, and a person who clearly understands human potential.