This is the Number One Reason Most People Fail in Business 

And here is your chance to fix this in your business
so that you don’t suffer to consequences of this fatal mistake.. ever!

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

You have heard it said many times before: It’s all about the list!

The list gives you power.

With a list you are able to make money on demand.

You have an asset you can leverage build an even bigger list by doing joint ventures with other list owners.

You can make money by selling ads in your regular mailings, and you can sell all kinds of affiliate products as often as you wish.

Your freedom, in so many ways is tied to your list. The better job you do at building your list, the more financial freedom you will experience.

Put another way, think of your self as not just a list owner but as a publisher.

Who has all of the power in our society?

It’s those organizations that have the ability to reach large numbers of people… Think radio, television, podcasts, newspapers, bloggers, and yes, people who have built large lists!

If there was one thing that you should do above all else, it should be to do anything and everything you can to build the biggest list possible!

How important is a list?

The very first lesson I ever learned in marketing was that the list is the business.

In other words, when you go to sell your business, what you are really selling is the list of customers you have built, not the inventory, not the real estate, not the fancy brochures, or even the web site. Those have value, but they simply can’t measure up to the value of your list.

Think of it this way: if you have something to sell, who will you sell it to?

The people most likely to buy from you are the people who have either bought something from you in the past or have subscribed to your list and have been seeing you messages over time. These are the easiest, most reliable sales you can ever make, and that is the primary reason why you want to do anything and everything you can to build your list!

For me, list building is an every day task. I wake up asking the question “what can I do today to add new people to my list?”

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the number one reason why most people who try to get into Internet marketing ultimately fail. It’s not that they don’t have great products or that they can’t find great products to sell, it’s that they haven’t got anybody to sell to!

The problem is so common, that it should have its own name so somebody could come up with a new pill to cure this disease! I’m not kidding!

How do you build a list?

When I first began my career in marketing on the Internet, the first thing I did was open an Excel spreadsheet and I began building a list. Back then there were no tools to do that so I did it one name, one e-mail address at a time. When it came time to mail a message to my list, there were no services out there I could use to get my mailing out so I literally bought a used a program that most people bought to send out spam messages! Hey, it wasn’t elegant, but it worked!

Today, we have great tools for building a list, managing a list, and mailing to a list that are so easy to use that I teach my clients how to do it in about 15 minutes.

But what has not changed is the process of building a list and it all starts with an offer.

The steps are simple: You attract people to a “capture page” where you make them an offer. The offer is usually an item they can get in exchange for their name and e-mail address. The better the offer, the more people will add themselves to your list. The more people you have on your list, the more money is literally at your fingertips anytime you want it.

Over time, you will end up with dozens of lead capture pages and have many dozens of ways to drive traffic to those pages; both paid and free sources of traffic.

The fun really begins when you start to see your first few hundred people on your list, then your first thousand, then 5,000, then 10,000 or even more.

Here’s a little guideline about list size and income: with 10,000 people on your list, you should be able to make at least 1 Million dollars in sales over the course of a year! How can I be so sure about this? I’ve helped many of my clients hit this benchmark and sure enough, in almost every case, they were able to bring in more than a million dollars in sales from their list. One of my clients has now done it consistently for more than 12 years!

OK, this all sounds great, but where do you start? How do you even build a lead capture page, how do you create an offer, and by golly just how in the world do you get people to come to your lead capture page in the first place?

These are all really great questions and they are the questions you should be asking yourself right now.

Consider this: if you knew exactly how to create lead capture pages, how to create offers people will respond to, and you also knew how to get both paid and free traffic to your pages, you would end up with a list you could market to as often as you’d like to. That would give you two very important things.

First, it would give you security because you’d be able to bring in money any time you’d like to.

Second, it will give you power in the marketplace and you can absolutely expect other marketers will be contacting you on a daily basis ready, willing, and able to pay to gain access to your list. You could leverage this power over and over again to continue to build your list, giving you an even more powerful position in the marketplace.

If you’re like me, you’ll likely end up building many lists in different markets so that you again create even more security for yourself. If one market goes soft, you put your attention on the one that is still red hot instead.

When I first began my Internet marketing career, my very first program ever was a program I created that taught list-building. Since then, I’ve taught list building to just about every one of my clients over the years, and now I would love to show you how it’s really done too.

To do that, I’ve created a new training program where you’re not going get powerful list-building training, and you’ll also get to build your very own lead capture web site, under my specific guidance!

Now, to do this, I MUST ABSOLUTELY LIMIT the size of the group I’m going to train to just 10 people. So if you want to learn how to build a list quickly and effectively, you’re going to have to jump on this immediately.

Here are the details:

You will get a complete, working lead capture web site that you and I will build together. This is important because I want you to be able to build lead capture pages on your own going forward, so I’m going to show you the short cuts, the correct software to use that requires NO HTML CODING, and is so simple that I’ve taught many complete newbies how to use it in just a few minutes. The lead capture page we will build together is designed to attract people to wealth-building offers, and there are a lot of products and service that can fit under that umbrella!

Then I’m going to show you how to create powerful offers that people will respond to, how to both create and find products you can give away in exchange for a person’s name and e-mail address.

And for the icing on the cake, you’re going to learn my favorite strategies for getting traffic to your lead capture page! You’ll learn how to get free traffic and also how to use paid traffic sources in ways that won’t break the bank!

The best part of this is how little you’ll invest to be part of this! I know I could easily charge you several thousand dollars to be part of this training because I know that you’ll make much, much more than that back as you build your very own list.

However, I gave this a LOT of thought and I found a way to let you in the door for a mere fraction of this price! Here’s what I’ve done.. personally, I’d jump at this offer if somebody offered it to me, so I know you’re going to love it too!

Initially, I wanted to offer this to you for $997, which is a very fair price for training that be the most important step in helping you become financially free, but I wasn’t completely happy with that price and I wanted to do better.

What I came up with is that you can get it, right now (Only if you’re one of the next 8 people to do so – 2 of my clients jumped on this even before I had worked out all the details!) for just $297!

Why the low price?

You are able to enroll for such a low price for two reasons. First, I will be recording all of the training sessions and they will eventually become part of a larger training program that I’m planning to create, so you get to part of the “studio audience” if you will. Second, I’ll be looking for your feedback on this training so that when I offer it again, at a much higher price, it will be a tad more polished.

So my offer to you is simple: if you wish to be of my new “List Building Secrets” training, you can enroll right now for $297, of you can spread the enrollment fee over 2 equal payments of $150 spaced 30 days apart.

The training will start on June 19th and will be limited to just 10 participants. We will have 4 weekly training sessions where I will teach you my best, most effective list building strategies. You will work, alongside of me, as you watch me do every little step of the process live over the Internet. You’ll see my computer screen and will be able to follow along and replay the training as much as you’d like so you won’t ever miss a single step!

You will be able to use the EXACT lead capture page I use, you’ll give away the same e-book that I give away, and you’ll have unlimited license to the lead capture page we build together so you can use it for as long as you’d like. By the way, the lead capture page we’re going to build together has already captured more than 50,000 leads for me! That’s why we’re going to us this one!

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To recap, this is a TRAINING program that will take place LIVE. You’ll have time to get your questions answered and you will have access to the recordings for up to one year. You’re going to build your own lead capture page using my copy, my e-book, and the same lead capture system I use to build my many lists.

You will be working directly with me on this and I promise you will enjoy the process of seeing what happens “behind the scenes.”

You get all of this for just $297, payable in one payment today, or in two payments of $150 spaced 30 days apart (one today, and one 30 days from today).

Claim Your Enrollment Bonus

No-Money-Down-MarketingWhen you make the decision to join me for this exclusive list-building training program, I want you get off to a very fast start.

To do that, as soon as you enroll, I’m going to send you a copy of my very popular program, “No Money Down Marketing.”

This double-CD course is literally a crash-course in creating joint-ventures, which is my favorite strategy for getting free traffic to my many lead capture pages!

Using the techniques in this program, I’ve had single days when I’ve added hundreds of people to my list. This is the perfect resource for you to have in your hands because joint ventures are sure to play a major role in building your list fast!

This program normally sells for $29.95 on my web site and on, but I’m going to send it to you FREE, and I’ll even pay the shipping!

EnrollMeNow_smallOne last thing you should know!

The secret sauce to any successful business is the list. If you’ve struggled to build a business online, or if you’re just not hitting the level of success you think you should be able to, a bigger, more responsive list is the answer.

I could tell you story after story of clients of mine whose lives have been changed forever for no other reason than because they built and use a list that they own, they control, and they can market to as often as they wish.

Yes, this is the secret behind most every “hot shot” in the Internet marketing world who has achieved a high level of success. They did it, not because they are necessarily smarter than anybody else, but because they figured out just how important building a list was and they made it a top priority.

If you want that kind of success, this is a powerful first step for you!

I look forward to working together with you to get you on the path to building your own list so that you can experience financial freedom for yourself!

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
Your List-Building Mentor

P. S. In just a few short weeks, you’ll not only KNOW how to build your very own lead capture pages, but you’ll know how to get traffic to those pages so that you can soon be the owner of a list that you can market to as often as you wish! It’s the ultimate secret to building a successful business and now you can learn how it’s done, in my special virtual “hands-on” training!

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